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My Approach

The quote above expresses my philosophy about the purpose and the value of therapy.  Therapy is the process by which we examine and explore the beliefs and expectations that we hold, as well as our training and negative experiences. As we challenge them in therapy, we allow ourselves to decide if these beliefs are serving us well. If not, we are allowed to change our minds, make new decisions and learn from the stories of our past. I firmly believe that when we choose to heal, we are choosing to become our best selves by beginning to take steps to lay aside all of the internal messages, expectations and beliefs that we have learned to embrace over the years. As we heal, we become more and more free to create the life we WANT, and were created to live. 

All too often, clients come to me suffering from symptoms of anxiety. Discovering the root cause of their challenges is important. As we put together the pieces of their stories, I often find that trauma has played a significant role in creating symptoms, whether it occurred as a single event or as part of their development. As we understand how the trauma occurred, it helps us determine their path to healing and recovery.

My approach to healing is always client centered with a holistic perspective, as I consider all that is going on with my client from stressors and diet to sleep and exercise. I encourage self-care in multiple modalities, to help you recover in mind, body and spirit. See my resources page to connect with practitioners who are like-minded and other assets can assist you on your journey.

Healing is not so much about ‘getting better’ as it is about
letting go of EVERYTHING that isn’t you -
all of the expectations, beliefs, and the conditioning & negative tapes -
& becoming who you were created to be!

Author Unknown

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