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A Team Approach to Whole Healing
The Healing Ground Collective



Working one on one with clients, The Healing Ground helps you understand the complicated dynamics of trauma and helps you change your narrative, allowing you to shift from feeling like a victim to feeling empowered.



The Healing Ground provides a safe place to understand the dynamics of your relationship and to find new ways to rebuild trust and communication.



The Healing Ground provides support for families, with a focus on blended families. Whether you are planning ahead for a transition, or have already blended your family, learning how to communicate effectively can help ease tensions in a blended family.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

As a CCTP (Certified Clinical
Trauma Professional), I explore my client’s stories through a trauma-informed perspective to understand if
their trauma was developmental
or an event...

Julie Burge, Licensed Counselor, Therapist, Coach,
About me

Though I studied and received my undergraduate degree in psychology, I did not come to truly understand the power of therapy until I was personally recovering from a relationship with a narcissist...

The Team Approach

I believe that the path to healing includes many modalities, as you
must take care of your whole self- Body, Mind and Spirit. I have compiled a comprehensive list of resources that will help you on your journey.

Julie Burge has been a helper, a healer, a mirror and a leader for me as I navigate making very difficult decisions for myself and my child. I am grateful for her willingness to work with me in my strengths. She has always suggested materials and practices that align with my lifestyle, learning style and interests which makes "doing the work" a lot easier - even when it's difficult. Julie balances professionalism with personalized attention, and I consistently feel seen, heard and respected by her.

M. F. 

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